Fat Freezer Cryo Body Sculptor


CryoPad Ice Cold Therapy is a safe non-invasive drug-free method of pain management. There is no discomfort associated with this process thanks to the protective pads included in the box. This product is multi-functional and can be used for shoulders, arms, back, abdomen, hips, thighs, knees, etc. It is also a first-aid essential for home or clinical use. It is ideal for sports injuries, muscle pains, sprain, stiffness, body aches and more! *

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  • FAT FREEZING MACHINE By controlling the cooling energy delivered to the target body area, freezing the subcutaneous fat cells which is suitable for elimination. The fat freezer is used for the decomposition of low temperature fat in the body
  • WITH HIGH EFFICIENCY The frozen instrument protects the skin from cooling energy while improving the effectiveness of the product, and has effects on imparting elasticity, nutrition, moisture, etc.
  • FOR MOST BODY PWRT With shoulder strap, especially suitable for slimming tummy, arms, thighs, shanks, lifting hips and other body part. It is applicable for both men and women
  • SAFE FOR HOME USING The controlled cooling power only affects the fat cells and does not damage other cells and tissues of the body. A few minutes after starting treatment, the curer will experience temporary pain or discomfort


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