Patented Fat Freezer™ System


Fed up with Fat? Freeze the fat Now! You can freeze your fat and lose an average of 20% of your fat cells in the treated area with just 1 application a month.

The Patented Fat Freezer System is simple, non-invasive procedure that can be done safely at home by anyone. It uses cold temperature to the point where adipose tissue is killed, causing a slimming effect.



Fat Freezer uses a scientifically approved technology which helps you to have a slim desirable figure by freezing fat cells. Regardless of your reasons for fatness, our slim belly belt will freeze belly fat and break the fat cells in your body and let them get disposed off through your body’s lymphatic system. With fat freezing treatment, you do not even need to worry about the fat being transferred to any other part.

Fat freezing is a new technology where fat cells are frozen without damaging the surrounding tissue. Then the body naturally eliminates the dead cells through a process called Apoptosis (Natural Cell Death). A non-invasive alternative to conventional liposuction, Cryolipolysis uses cold to break down fat cells without damage to other tissues.

Fat cells are cooled into the negative temperatures, causing them to break up and be disposed of through the body’s own lymphatic system, resulting in a more toned and sleek appearance.


What is included

Fat Freezer System With Adjustable Belt

10 Pack: Glycerin Sheets/Protective Pads

DIY Fat Loss Booklet

Instruction Manual

Fat Measuring Tool

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Fat Freezer™ System
Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Will Dunmire on Fat Freezer™ System

Wonderful service and product!!!

by David on Fat Freezer™ System
... one of these when I was a kid and loved it. 15 years later and they're still the ...

I had one of these when I was a kid and loved it. 15 years later and they're still the best back massage device I've used.

by C H on Fat Freezer™ System
Excellent product! Exactly as described

Excellent product! Exactly as described... sturdy, excellent wood material and works magic while massaging! I got a sweet hand-written note from the sellers noting that it is a small business and that they appreciated me reviewing the product. I am more than happy to give them the highest rating - this is the third product I purchased from them. I will be buying more in the future.

by Clara on Fat Freezer™ System
Happy Shoulders and Back

I'm constantly sore from working out on a daily basis, and this little guy is fantastic! I use it to rub my own shoulders while sitting, and sometimes I lie on it to hit certain pressure points on my back. The massager doesn't show any sign of breaking or falling apart under some weight; it's sturdy and well-made. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

by Tay on Fat Freezer™ System
Nice product

My friend bought this and she tried it on me. Didn't see results right away but 2 weeks in I noticed a difference. Wish I could find the pads to go with it.

by swissymom on Fat Freezer™ System
Works but don't expect mircles

I have to say I figured it really wouldn't work. After hearing what a friend said about going to a spa and having the same treatment, I bought this model. I lost inches like it said but you can only use it every 4 weeks in the same spot so like my friend who spent in the thousands, my inches have returned. Unlike my friend, I can afford to do it more often.

by oshgosh on Fat Freezer™ System
Three Stars

Does not get rid of fat quickly enough. Have to wait 4 weeks to apply second time.

by Shannon C. on Fat Freezer™ System
The Fat Freeze kit is a very cool concept

The Fat Freeze kit is a very cool concept. It pretty easy to use, and although i was able to get some good results out of my body sculpting, buyers need to kno it requires a lot of commitment. The Device def works if you drink a lot of water and diet on the regular. I wasted 2 weeks just applying the machine with no diet or exercise, while it would reduce the appearance, i know it wasn't long term because of the junk i was eating. Theirs no doubt that the machine works and its perfect for me because i don’t like going to the gym!

by AnaG on Fat Freezer™ System
No I don’t know

It is very hard to know if it actually worked... it is not magic... I have used it a bunch of times and I don’t really see a difference

by Karen Hught on Fat Freezer™ System
No complaints

Take it from a person that tried cool sculpting vs fat freezer, while cool session was a bit quicker(not much), it was soooooooo expensive! The fat freezer machine is like bit less effective than the procedure, and a WHOLE LOT CHEAPER. Best thing is, I can use it at home. Gonna continue to use this thing after the holidays.

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