Evertone Sports™ Fat Burning Sauna Slimming Belt


  • Maximizes Calories Burned By Increasing Sweat Around Midsection*
  • Thick Quality Neoprene Stitched Tight Material Increases Sweat By Trapping Heat On Contact With Skin*
  • Target Stubborn Belly, Back Flab & Love Handles By Sweating More*
  • Undetectable Beneath Clothing: Wear To Work, Walking, Running, Yoga*
  • Comfort Neoprene Material Allows For All Day Wear To Train Midsection*
  • Compression Smooths Out Unwanted Lines & Folds Around Midsection*
  • Wear Anywhere As Belt Absorbs Sweat On The Inside & Stays Dry On The Outside*
  • Reminds You To Stay Focused On Working To Keep Your Abs, Back & Entire Core Tight When Worn*


Ab Belt is the best kept weight loss secret and solution used by many celebrities, and models alike in achieving a slender, fit and hourglass figure.* Thick quality Neoprene fabric material increases the volume of sweat upon skin contact around the midsection to maximize calories burned when worn. Improved confidence and sense of well being with results attained by consistent use in combination with proper diet and exercise program.*


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