Facial Fitness Muscle Trainer

The facial fitness muscled trainer tones and tightens underlying facial muscles to help reserve the signs of aging instead of treating superficial problems, it works muscles below the skin targeting the root causes of sagging, wrinkles and smile lines. 

To use the facial fitness muscle trainer hold the exerciser in your mouth then swing the arms up and down by rhythmically nodding your head up and down for 30 seconds by performing this exercises twice daily. You can restore a youthful look to your face. 

Product Specs
  • 3 Technology– Sympathetic vibration , distance, mouth support
  • For youthful smile, it training the muscles of the face
  • Facial muscle training in PAO movement of only 30 seconds
  • Rhythmically, in a fun, such as dance
  • Shake to wobbling, approaching to the muscles of the face, so that it will massage your face
  • Slimming face
  • Face lifting, face skin tightening
  • Reduce edict wrinkle

Beginners - Blue - 18g

Intermediate - Pink -23g

Expert - Bronze - 28g

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Includes 1 Chin Gym Facial Toner + 3 Weights